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If you are suffering from the aftermath of a painful accident, you deserve to work with an attorney who understands what your legal needs are and how to work for them.

From his Albuquerque office, attorney Joseph M. Romero works with residents on their injury claims.

Reliable, Effective Counsel For Your Injury

Even if an accident you have been involved in is minor, the aftermath of it can still carry lasting consequences. Regardless of the severity, people may have long-term physical, mental or financial problems arise from it. At Joseph M. Romero Law, attorney Joseph M. Romero brings to you effective legal strategies, respectful and fair communication, and a wide breadth of legal experience in order to make things right and instill peace of mind when it comes to your injury.

Local, Experienced And Trustworthy

Born and raised in New Mexico, Joseph understands, respects, and appreciates the people and culture of the state. Coming from a hardworking family and serving in the military prior to becoming an attorney, he knows many of his clients hold the same values of wanting to care and provide for their family. If an injury is preventing them from being able to do these things, he knows what it takes to bring a successful verdict or semblance of normalcy back to their lives.

Alongside the care he dedicates to his clients, Joseph also spent several years representing insurance companies before deciding that his time as an attorney would be better spent working with those who have been injured. With the knowledge of the possibilities an insurance adjuster’s evaluation may have, the strategies insurance companies may develop and the understanding of what people need from their injury claim, he uses it to his advantage as he works toward getting you or your loved ones the compensation they deserve.

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